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    Eucon workstation

    EuControl/Workstation Release. Nov 11, What's New • Added support for OS X (El Capitan) • Added support for Windows What are the system requirements for EuControl (for Artist Series, Workstation Compatibility: Qualified EUCON media applications. EUCON delivers Pro Tools | Control app and Multi Workstation Softkey Macro support for S6, plus enhancements for all.

    Hi All, EuControl/Workstation is now available! This is the biggest release we' ve done in a long time with new features and many bug fixes. Avid has released the EUCON software update, which not only including a new Unified Workstation software installer architecture. For other EUCON™-aware applications, see Using Avid Media Controllers with . 2 In the Extras folder, double-click the Install EuCon Workstation installer.

    The EUCON Application Setup guide helps you set up EuControl to work with several audio and video .. 1 In EuControl, click to go to the Workstations tab. If your DAW does not support Eucon, all is not necessarily lost, as the MC .. By installing the Eucon Workstation client software on both machines, you can. For Pro Tools | Control, Pro Tools | Dock, Pro Tools | S3, Artist Series, and Workstation Control. EuControl provides the following: • New and.