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    This user interface, which can be opened from SQL Server Management Studio or by typing dtexecui at a command prompt, is an alternative to. In Microsoft SQL Server , you use the or utility to run a SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) package. SSIS: DTEXEC, DTEXECUI and DTUTIL. DTEXEC. DTEXEC is a command line utility that allows you to configure and execute SISS packages.

    One of the tools that I really like however is DTEXECUI, which may look familiar if you remember DTSRUNUI. DTEXECUI otherwise known as. By: Ray Barley. Overview SQL Server includes the Windows application which can be used to execute an SSIS package. is a great app for building up a command line that you can copy into a script to be used with However, beware of.

    I have created 3 variables for the item#, facility# and flatfilename but I'm not sure how to use the dtexecui utility to call the package, have the user enter the item#. It requires a registry hack. We are on and experienced the same issue. The Package source and Package does not get filled in. I fixed it.