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    Junos space security director

    Junos Space Security Director delivers a scalable and responsive network security management application to improve security policy administration. If you have confusion about Security Director and Junos Space, here is a simple description of these two; Security Director (previously known. Junos Space Security Director automatically updates policies based on threats identified by Sky Advanced Threat Prevention malware detection in the cloud.

    Junos Space Security Director runs on the Junos Space Network Management Platform, it enables administrators to extend their policy control capabilities both. Choose Connection for Juniper Networks Software - Network Management. Buy a Juniper Networks Junos Space Security Director - License 5 Device Pereptual . Junos Space Security Director provides security policy management through an intuitive, centralised interface that offers enforcement across emerging and.

    Juniper Networks® Junos® Space Security Director, an application on Junos Space Network. Management Platform, provides extensive security scale, granular. Juniper Arrow is a top Enterprise Computing Solutions provider & global leader in education services. Learn about our Junos Space Security Director IT training .