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    Ponyprog2000 64 bit

    PonyProg distribution for Windows95,98,NT, file packed with Winzip. vf BETA (Kb), PonyProg file packed with Winzip. PonyProg is a serial device programmer based on some simple and hi, the version is working and displayed properly with win10 64 bit. I created a wich is usable on 64Bit Windows, it makes use of the TVicPort driver (free for personal use). It is a WHQL signed driver.

    This sheet describes step by step what actions are needed, to run PonyProg under Windows7 with x64 architecture. PonyProg is a free license. Ponyprog enables the user to program EEPROM, FLASH and PIC's using user friendly tools and Set fuse bits and locks using Ponyprog. Download PonyProg for free. PonyProg - PonyProg is an open source serial device programmer.

    PonyProg: serial device programmer - PonyProg is a serial device programmer based on some simple and cheap interfaces for the PC and a user friendly GUI. Hello i have 64 bit PC and Windows XP x64 on it. installed ponyprog (latest beta if i remember correctly). Free download page for Project PonyProg: serial device programmer's PonyProg homeelly.infoog is a serial device programmer based on some. PonyProg's interface may appear a bit old-fashioned at first, but a thorough exploration of its menus and features will change that feeling.